About Me


Graduating from college is never easy. Let alone in the midst of a global pandemic. 

In the nearly two years since I've graduated from The University of Southern California's Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism, I went from covering local Los Angeles news to major national and international events. 

While working in a pandemic, being flexible and adaptable are essential. I never shy away from a challenge and I am not afraid to step outside of my comfort zone to cover any topic with a fresh angle. I excel in environments with a learn-as-you-go attitude.   

At Newsweek, I pioneered both the Fact-Checking and Live Blog teams where I worked in both long-form storytelling and breaking news. 

As a fact-checker, I investigated a range of claims about politics, science and pop culture. 

On the live blog team, I have covered a range of topics: from COVID-19, to the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, to the Kyle Rittenhosue trial, national weather events and mass shootings. 

As a law & public policy minor, I have a passion for the Supreme Court and all things politics. In college, I covered the 2020 Nevada Caucus in Las Vegas where I attended rallies, interviewed voters, and witnessed a caucus on the Strip. 

As a journalist, I will help people navigate complex politics and understand the important policy and legal decisions through accurate, straightforward, fact-based analysis. I will remain curious, fair, hardworking and tough in my reporting to best serve my audience. I am interested in long-form narrative nonfiction writing as well as deep analysis on legal and policy issues in politics.

I also minored in screenwriting. I love to step outside of hard news and be more creative and personal in my writing. I have written a short film, television scripts, film reviews and essays on pop culture. I am basically a walking IMDB app and I'm always up-to-date on what's happening in comedy, TV and film.

Outside of journalism, I spend all my free time (and money) going to the movies, concerts and comedy shows. I love to travel to national parks, read Jane Austen and belt out to Broadway soundtracks in the car.

What I am currently watching: Real Housewives, Abbott Elementary, Daredevil 

What I am currently re-watching: Psych 

What I am currently reading: Sally Rooney

What I am currently listening to: Taylor Swift's entire discography 

Contact Me

You can email me at laurengiella@gmail.com or l.giella@newsweek.com 

You can follow me on Twitter @LaurenGiella

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