Facebook Whistleblower Live Updates: Frances Haugen notes "conflicts of interests" between Facebook teams

The Facebook Oversight Committee calls for a "full, independent, outside investigation of Facebook" during a "defining moment of crisis for Facebook and democracy." In a statement, the Board says it "rejects the premise that the Facebook Oversight Board can ever be considered independent" and call for an investigation into the allegations raised in the Facebook Files, The Facebook Papers and recent SEC filings. The Board demands policymakers in the U.S., U.K. and European Union "fast-track legis

Gabby Petito Case Live Updates: K-9 units join Dog the Bounty Hunter in search for Brian Laundrie

Flowers sent to Laundrie home for Gabby Petito memorial A Texas woman sent flowers for Gabby Petito to Brian Laundrie's family home in North Port Florida. Stephanie Savage from Houston told WFAA that she felt there needs to be a memorial at the Laundrie house. "I was really dumbfounded how no one in the Tampa area had started one," Savage said. Her flowers were delivered Monday and more arrived the following day, local news on the scene reported. Soon, #FlowersForGabby was trending on Twitter. U

Nor'easter Live Updates: Rough waves bring damage to boats in coastal New England towns

Crews work to cleared downed trees that hit powerlines, homes across New England There are numerous reports of trees down on houses and power lines across New England this morning following the heavy wind and rain Tuesday night. New England power company Eversource is working to repair downed power lines across the region. Crews are working across the state, tackling blocked roads like here in Lebanon (top right), Woodstock (bottom right), and Griswold (left) so we can make repairs. pic.twitter.

Spending Bill Live Updates: Biden heads to Rome as infrastructure, spending bills hang in the balance

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said the Build Back Better plan is "remarkable" and highlighted its emphasis on childcare, climate, healthcare and job creation. "It's remarkable. It's a bigger vision than we've seen in a long time," she said, likening the plan to President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal. "If you took any one piece of it, it would be transformative and historic," she said, noting the expansion of the Affordable Care Act and the bold steps to combat climate change. "Taken togethe

Vaccine Mandates Live Updates: Employers can be fined up to $136k for mandate violation

OSHA can fine employers up to $136,000 for a vaccinate mandate violation White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said when it comes to the vaccine mandates, "the goal here is compliance." "The administration and OSHA are going to do everything we can to maximize compliance. That's going to be our focus," she said during a press briefing Thursday. She said that "the vast majority of employers" will voluntarily comply with the requirements without ever being inspected, "as they do ev

Spending Bill Live Updates: Pelosi says 'we're in the best place ever" ahead of vote

Pelosi says some members 'need clarification' on bill ahead of vote Nancy Pelosi said she still plans to go through with the infrastructure bill vote today. "We had hoped to be able to bring both bills to the floor today. Some members want more clarification," she said. "Today, we hope to pass the BIF and also the rule on Build Back Better." She said she will get the numbers from the Congressional Budget Office to the members who requested them by Thanksgiving, adding that she hopes "we will hav

Covid-19 Live Updates: Only one state in U.S. has not detected Omicron

Henry Ford Health System officials are bracing for a spike in COVID-19 infections as the Omicron variant spreads across the state. "We are in a worse situation today than the previous COVID-19 surges that we've experienced in the state of Michigan," Dr. John Deledda, Department Chair of Emergency Medicine of Henry Ford Health System, said during a news conference Tuesday. "Today more people are hospitalized across the state of Michigan than during the first surge in the Spring of 2020." As of Tu

Kim Potter Trial Live Updates: Kim Potter processed into prison after guilty verdict

Kim Potter was processed into a woman's prison after her guilty verdict Kim Potter was processed into the women's prison in Shakopee for the shooting death of Daunte Wright less than two hours after her guilty manslaughter convictions. Her sentencing is set for February 18,2022. JUST IN: Less than 2 hours after her manslaughter conviction, #KimPotter is processed into the women's prison in Shakopee for the shooting death of #DaunteWright. Sentencing to come on February 18th.#KimPotterTrial pic.t

Philadelphia Fire Updates: 5-year-old only person on floor when fire was set

He said "everyone's eyes roll" during fire safety announcements but he encouraged people to pay attention after this incident. Thiel said people should be careful with real Christmas trees and make sure they are watered regularly. He also said people should "get rid of the tree" sooner rather than later. He added people should call 9-1-1 "if they have any inkling there is a fire." "Every second counts," he said and sometimes the fire department won't be alerted even if the smoke alarm sounds. Th

Bronx Fire Live Updates: Leaders propose task force to examine fire safety

Federal and local leaders examine how to improve and better enforce fire safety laws in the aftermath of Sunday's deadly fire. U.S. Rep. Ritchie Torres, New York City Councilmembers Oswald Feliz and Pierina Sanchez and Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson discussed the creation of a fire safety taskforce Monday morning. Fire continues to affect the Bronx. Joined @RepRitchie, @Vanessalgibson & @PiSanchezNYC this morning to discuss the creation of a fire safety taskforce, to examine/strengthen c

Shinzo Abe Assassination Updates: World lost a "great leader," DeSantis says

The world lost a "great leader" with the assassination of Shinzo Abe, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said Friday. DeSantis addressed the death of the former prime minister of Japan while speaking publicly at an event celebrating DeSantis' executive order aimed at lowering prescription drug costs. Abe "was a great leader, a great man, and was a heck of an ally to this country," DeSantis said. "He understood freedom, he understood the threat posed by China, and he understood the importance of havin

Highland Park Shooting Updates: Wisconsin mayor addresses Crimo's "disturbing" visit

The news that Robert Crimo III visited Wisconsin's capital city after the shooting at a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois, "is deeply disturbing," Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway said. Rhodes-Conway released a statement about the suspected Highland Park shooter's visit hours after authorities shared details of what investigators believe Crimo did while in the area. During a press conference earlier Wednesday, Lake County Major Crime Task Force spokesperson Chris Covelli said inv

Highland Park Shooting Updates: Suspect was reportedly asked to leave synagogue in April

Suspect Was Reportedly Asked to Leave Synagogue in April The suspect in the Highland Park shooting was reportedly turned away from a synagogue before he opened fire at a Fourth of July parade Monday. A Jewish security organization said someone who resembles shooting suspect Robert "Bobby" Crimo III entered the Chabad synagogue during Passover. Michael Masters, the chief executive officer of Secure Community Network, told the Chicago Sun Times that a rabbi recognized Crimo from the photos release

Supreme Court Updates: Court in recess until October

Chief Justice John Roberts formally recognized the end of the Supreme Court's current session in a Thursday statement. "I am authorized to announce that the Court has acted upon all cases submitted to the Court for decision this Term," Roberts said. His statement followed the court's final two rulings of the term, which were announced Thursday morning. The court's final day before its summer session also marked the retirement of Associate Justice Stephen Breyer, who has served on the court since

Supreme Court Updates: What to expect from SCOTUS before recess

What to Expect From SCOTUS Before Recess The U.S. Supreme Court has two major rulings remaining before its summer recess begins. The court has announced several major decisions in the last week. On Wednesday, the court said in a press release that it "will announce all remaining opinions ready during this Term of Court on Thursday" starting at 10 a.m. One of the remaining rulings will be on Biden v. Texas. The court's ruling will decide whether enforcement of the Migrants Protection Protocol, al

Colorado GOP rejects election deniers, Trump notches wins in Illinois

Scott Pruitt, former head of the Environmental Protection Agency, saw his hopes of a return to electoral politics dashed in Tuesday's primary. Appointed head of the EPA by then-President Donald Trump, Pruitt resigned in 2018 from leading the agency in response to a string of corruption scandals. Since then, Pruitt returned to Oklahoma, where he previously served as the state's attorney general. Senator James Inhofe's retirement created an opening for Pruitt's political comeback. But Oklahoma's G

Jan 6. Hearing Updates: Hearings to resume in July

During his closing statement, House Select Committee Chair Bennie Thompson encouraged other witnesses to come forward to cooperate with the investigation into the events surrounding Jan. 6. "I want to speak directly to the handful of witnesses who have been outliers in our investigation, the small number who have defied us outright, those whose memories have failed them again and again on the most important details and to those who fear Donald Trump and his enablers," he said. "Because of this c
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